Reducing adverse impact by understanding and optimizing the environmental conditions.

Because it’s simply one planet, we are all responsible for doing our part towards saving and sustaining our environment.

Our team of professional environmental consultants provide expert assessment and advisory services on matters pertaining to the management of environmental issues while applying science and engineering principles to improve the environment (air, water, and/or land resources), to provide healthier water, air, and land for human habitation and for other organisms, and to remediate polluted sites.

In doing so, Climatize plays an integral role in reducing the detrimental impact of buildings and initiatives on the environment.


  • Environmental Design Consultancy
  • Environmental Assessment Studies + Permitting
  • Natural Systems Assessment, Design, Protection and Management
  • Environmental and Ecological Management Planning
  • Construction Environmental Management Planning
  • Legionella Management Planning
  • Waste Management Planning and Monitoring