We are Climatize. Your Partner to the next generation high end smart + sustainable developments and operations. We are committed to you and to our planet, Earth.

Climatize is a comprehensive, Environmental + Sustainability service provider for all entities within the building industry in its entirety. We offer environmental and sustainable solution for various clients ranging from governments, developers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers and suppliers, facility managements and the society in its entirety with an aim to create the next generation high end smart + sustainable developments and operations holistically and integratively.

In addition, Climatize is on a mission to facilitate organizations and countries achieve their sustainable goals in line with the COP 21 agreement, which sets out a global action plan to put the world on track and avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C, while meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

While over 190 countries have made their pledges, the issue of concern is how environmental and sustainable considerations are often treated on a project level, which at most cases are driven away from the set goals, due to regarding them as an add-on component to building design rather than its core, following ad hoc processes for their implementation. As a result, achieving sustainable outcomes is challenging due to the absence of the right information at the right time to make critical decisions.

The building process has been refined over thousands of years. While every project’s process is slightly different, projects generally progress along these major phases: business plan, pre-concept, concept, schematic, detailed design, construction, and operations. In order for key stakeholders to appreciate the requirements of multidisciplinary collaboration, there is a need for transparency and a shared understanding of the process and this is what makes Climatize different.

We understand the importance of knowing the right type and level of information that’s needed within each phase to make environmental and sustainable decisions throughout the project lifecycle and will provide it to you alongside our technical assessments and recommendations to achieve sustainable outcomes with minimal ecological impact.

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Climatize aims to:

  • Co-create, alongside key stakeholders and decision makers, key strategies, targets and design components for their sustainable developments on multi-scale levels (city planning, masterplanning, developments, and standalone buildings), and ensure they are in line with the COP21 and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Define, benchmark, and monitor the sustainable strategies set for a project.
  • Provide recommendations and technical insights at every stage to make sound decisions about your green design and investment.
  • Lead the sustainable design process by providing added value technical studies, recommendations, and expertise at every stage of the project to consultants such that the end product walks the talk rather than an add-on service that provides a label at an added cost.
  • Work with contractors to ensure that the sustainability principles are well executed efficiently and sustainably as per the project vision.
  • Monitor and analyze trends and data and provide informative feedback to facility managers and developers over their operations versus the set goals and provide mitigation and recommendation plans as necessary.
  • Identify, analyze and bridge market gaps between suppliers/manufacturers and key decision makers.
  • Raise environmental and sustainability awareness and education to society to get them involved in the green movement.

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