Implementing Efficient Practices That Significantly Reduce Or Eliminate The Negative Impact Of Buildings + Operations On The Environment & Occupants.

Climatize Engineering Consultants (aka. Climatize) is the ecological leader in the region’s quest for sustainability. The firm was founded on the principle that the future of the built environment is correlated to the way we plan, design, construct and operate our projects today. We work with our clients from project inception to operations as part of the consulting and construction team, steering and directing sustainable practices and decisions in an integrative manner. We not only offer sustainable strategies and solutions, but we walk the talk and preach what we practice.

Climatize’s goal was formed under the principle of serving a broad range of services ranging from regulatory advising, project business planning, sustainable design, construction and operations consultancy + management, this is further extended to complement research, education, supplier trend analysis and product performance verification.


The Climatize team, comprised of a group of talented, passionate and award winning experts.

Engi Jaber

Founder + Managing Director

Engi is one of the region’s leading, multi-award winning and sustainability expert, recognized as one of the 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders (Global Listing) endorsed by the UN. Through a passionate commitment to the environment, Engi works creatively and collaboratively with organizations to improve their capability and facilitate achieving sustainable development projects. She has built her career with a proven record of substantial carbon emission reductions, energy savings, boost in green infrastructure and enhancement of occupants’ well-being across several hundred green projects in the MENA region and was personally involved in the formation of several local and private green laws and legislations.

Dalia Wagdi

Sustainability Manager

Thaha VT

Project Manager

Abduljalal Suleiman

Sr. Sustainability Consultant

Khayati Mitra

Sustainability & Env Consultant

Abdelhamed Ezzat

Sustainability Consultant

Lalith Kumar

Sustainability Consultant

Barbara Moreira

Sustainability & Env Consultant