Engineering optimized performance analytically, scientifically, and digitally

Understanding how the built environment physically and scientifically operates helps in significantly improving its performance. Whether through identifying opportunities, challenges, or by determining results based on physical behavior of buildings and their impact on energy efficiency, comfort, health, safety, durability, carbon emissions, and so on early on can support conscious design decisions that ultimately leads to capital cost reduction, reduced operational costs, creative design focused on real-time analysis rather than “compliance” and overall enhanced occupant satisfaction and productivity. Our comprehensive solutions not only serve as services, rather as design/ decision making tools throughout the project’s lifecycle.


  • Carbon Modelling and Analysis
  • Energy Modelling and Analysis
  • Daylight and Glare Modelling and Analysis
  • Views Modelling and Analysis
  • Macro and Micro-Climatic Modelling and Analysis
  • Shading Modelling and Analysis
  • External and Internal CFD Modelling and Analysis
  • Parametric Environmental Facade Modelling
  • Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment Digital Twin