Implementing design practices that significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment & occupants.

The built environment describes the artificial, man-made structures in which we live, work and play. Such developments can have detrimental effects on our natural environment. Equally, well planned cities, neighborhood, communities, buildings and interiors can reduce the cumulative impact of human activity on the environment through efficiencies of scale and appropriate environmental management. It is therefore important to regulate the built environment at local, regional and global level. This helps to protect what was good from the past and to plan wisely for the future.

Our comprehensive list of specialties are selected in line to our beliefs on how we can best service the environment and standby our commitment. We are confident that we can provide all that you need to sustain your project and its built environment here with us. Our solutions cover Masterplans, Urban Design, Cities, + Communities Planning, Buildings- Commercial, Residential, Educational, Hospitality, Data Centres, Interiors and Fit-Outs, and Mixed-Use development.

We specialize in guiding you throughout the design and construction process. We will evaluate your design, material selection and focus on the sustainability criteria and issues that will aid the team to make the right decision for the project.

We offer you a comprehensive, hands-on environmental assessment road map and empower you with best practices for sustainable built environment, tenant improvement and operations.


  • Green Building Management + Certification
  • Health + Wellbeing
  • Air Quality Assesstments + Mitigation
  • Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment
  • Embodied Carbon Footprint Calculations + Design
  • Roadmap to Zero (Carbon, Energy, Water and Waste)
  • Near, Net + Positive Energy Buildings
  • Circular Economy
  • Performance Modeling
  • Sustainable Smart Cities + Buildings
  • Renewable Energy Design Consultancy
  • Energy + Building Performance Auditing