Carbon Neutral Operations

We at Climatize are committed to capping global emissions and limiting global warming to well-below 1.5 degrees Celsius – goals set out by the Paris Agreement. To achieve these, we are investing in forestry and renewables to offset not only our operations but the overall consumption/ emissions by each of our employees’s individual carbon footprint.

As part of our climate action commitment, Climatize is proud to announce that we have achieved zero carbon operations in 2021, verified by VERA Standard, in addition to offsetting more carbon emissions from the atmosphere to cover our employee’s individual footprints. Climatize has planted 80 trees across the Fazenda Nascente do Luar Agroforestry in Savannah Forest and Pacific Forest Communities in Columbia.

We are also a proud corporate member of the Living Future advocating and certifying zero carbon and energy buildings in the region. Moreover, we commit towards zero carbon across our project portfolio by presenting a clear strategic pathway to zero to all our partners and projects’ stakeholders. As of 2021, 50% of our active projects are carbon positive, i.e. they are not only zero carbon, but they also offset additional carbon emissions from the environment and making positive contributions towards it.

Zero Energy Commitment

As we support our clients in transforming their developments to achieve net zero, we recognise the importance of actively reducing the climate impact of our own operational footprint – including scope 3 emissions. Accordingly, We commit to switch its operational energy to100% renewable electricity by 2023. In addition, we advocate zero energy across our project portfolio and commit to present our clients with a pathway to zero energy in all projects.

We are also a proud corporate member of the Living Future advocating and certifying zero carbon and energy buildings in the region. Moreover, we commit towards zero energy across our project portfolio by presenting a clear strategic pathway to zero to all our partners and projects’ stakeholders. As of 2021, 50% of our active projects are energy positive, i.e. they are not only zero energy, but they also generate additional power that are either connected to the grid or exported to adjacent buildings to offset their energy requirements.

As part of our commitment to advocate for Zero Energy, a series of free of charge Net Zero Energy webinars have been launched both exclusively for our clients and publicly to educate the general public on the best practices and roadmap to achieving zero energy in buildings during design, construction and operations. Climatize will continue to offer these free webinars to educate the general public on the importance of achieving zero energy targets, the means to do it, and their roles and responsibilities that form under the climate action goals as well as provide free consultancy advice to peer industry professionals working on zero energy projects.

CSR Activities

As part of our sustainability CSR initiatives, and social impact support program, Climatize is proud to have funded and participated several sustainable projects ranging from the Mission Himalaya project to build a Green House tunnel setup at the Eco Home to produce crops and vegetables that can be eaten and also sold at the market for increased sustainability, to supporting and empowering youth and women (under 18) by funding students around the world to become powerful peacemakers by investing in their sustainable project ideas and projects, providing them with tools, skills and guidance, and connecting them with industry experts.

In addition, Climatize takes on board voluntary eco-design projects in developing countries to help support several UN Sustainable Goals including but not limited to: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Wellbeing, Quality Education, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life on Land, etc.

Reach out to us if you feel we can assist you in your upcoming community project!

Social Impact Activities

Through our Impact Advisor partner, Grosvenor Capital, Climatize have initially (with the vision to grow) committed 10% of revenues generated to invest in impact related projects, that not only generate revenue but also align with being committed to the growth to key issues across the Planet. Climatize has created an investment model that allows the business to personally invest in projects across the UAE, GCC, Asia and Africa that help promote sustainable built environments and societies while contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Diversity + Inclusion

Realizing that the notion of diversity and inclusion goes beyond policies, programs or headcounts, we believe each individual in our team has unique needs, perspectives and potential. Climatize’s management ensure our team reach to their utmost potential no matter their gender, race, nationalities, identities, or abilities. We pride ourselves with male and female colleagues coming from 7 different nationalities, all given equal involvement rights, contributions, seniority and opportunities in all areas of the workplace.

Equal Opportunity

At Climatize, we believe that employees are our main assets. A business cannot succeed without an inspired, motivated, quality-oriented, enthustiatic and passionate team. That’s why, we have incorporated an employment and workplace policy that revolves around making our team feel valued, appreciated, happy, motivated, fairly treated but above all, achieve a work-life balance. Above all, the policy ensures creating a positive, supportive and equal working environment for all staff and customers without bias is the core principle of our operations. The Climatize management:

  • Protect its employees from being discriminated against because of one or more of the protected characteristics that apply to them.
  • Provide equal opportunity for everyone in the workforce, no matter their background or characteristics.
  • Promote the diversity of the workforce.
  • Respond to changing demographics and working patterns, e.g. being flexible with work so to retain valuable employees who have specific needs and meet client demands.

Health + Wellbeing

Mental Health + Wellbeing Program

Mental health has become one of the biggest challenges for employees and employers. Recognizing the struggle to manage an evolving work dynamic, especially amid a global pandemic and stressful industry demands, Climatize’s management has prioritized the mental health & well being of the team to avoid a decline in productivity and prevent burnout.
A healthy workforce is a happy workforce and a little investment goes a long way when it comes to motivating and engaging our employees. Accordingly, Climatize has teamed up with various external mental health coaches and formalized an annual program and strategy that extends tools and workshop sessions to Climatize’s team covering how to manage their work-life balance, anxiety and stress management techniques, depression management techniques, time management, healthy relationships, improve self-esteem and confidence, emotional intelligence, psychological and coaching sessions (group and individual), etc on a quarterly basis. This comes in addition to psychiatric coverage within medical insurance plans.

Fitness Program

Recognizing that physical fitness is as equally important to a mental state, Climatize’s management has organized quarterly fitness campaigns and challenges. Employees are incentivized via an incremental financial rewards system to meet the challenge goals. Each reward is assessed based on the employees rank in the challenge.