Optimizing logistics and functionality to operate efficiently and sustainably.

We design and cater to kitchen, laundry and solid waste management across various industries. Whether it is front or back of house planning, our team will ensure efficient design practices that shall attend to each facility’s requirements and demand.

Waste reduction and management are now seen as crucial in all business sectors with particular attention to the Construction industry. Government regulations constantly grow and introduce new requirements and legislations pertaining to construction waste management. Correct management of waste can save costs and avoid penalties that can result from lack of compliance with UAE regulations.Furthermore, waste disposal and materials management is becoming increasingly important due to environmental regulations. Our waste management consultancy can provide you with support for cost effective and environmentally friendly management planning and monitoring of waste.


  • Area + Circulation Planning
  • Demand Calculations
  • Strategy Planning
  • Auditing and Reporting
  • Zero Waste Consultancy
  • Material and Equipment Selection
  • HACCP, Local and International Codes Compliance