Design and construction projects need to undergo an integrative approach to achieve optimal environmental and sustainable results. This is the guiding principal of Climatize. We provide a one stop environmental and sustainability consultancy for the entire Construction industry ranging from respective governments, developers, facility management, design consultants, contractors, suppliers and industry professionals and students who are interested in delivering a better future.

Our comprehensive list of specialties are selected in line to our beliefs on how we can best service the environment and standby our commitment. We are confident that we can provide all that you need to sustain your project and its built environment here with us.

Our approach in all services is to work alongside you. We also understand while it is perceived that sustainability costs more, we will showcase that with our expertise and experience it can cost less. Our services will be tailored to your needs, budgets and available resources.

Climatize is divided into 6 departments offering the following services:


Because it’s simply one planet, we are all responsible for doing our part towards saving and sustaining our environment.


The built environment describes the artificial, man-made structures in which we live, work and play. All artificial surfaces, including buildings, roads, pavements etc. come under the heading of the built environment.


The issue of energy consumption has been a growing interest across all industry sectors not only because of its considerable impact.


Environmental Modeling and Assessment is key in every design stage. It bridges the gap between the scientific understanding of key environmental issues.


Emerging technologies and construction practices are always developing and changing. Innovation and technological advancements will transform the construction industry.


As part of Climatize’s CSR, we hold regular environmental and sustainable workshops, training, and networking events where you are invited to discover innovative solutions.

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