Strategies To Reduce Waste Generation In Industries

Waste management is a challenge for many industries due to the large volume and variation of waste. In this article, we will discuss management strategies that contribute to the reduction of industrial waste.

In order to have efficient waste management, it is essential to understand how your waste works, to know information such as: amount generated, types of waste generated, which part of the stream is generating each waste, etc.

When you know how and where each waste is generated, it is easier to apply techniques that contribute to the reduction. Some examples of these techniques are: Adopt a reduction in water consumption, use monitors and sensors that detect leaks to avoid waste, bet on alternatives for reusing waste in the stream or in other industry sectors, and investing in design strategies that improve product efficiency.

In addition to the care in the manufacture of the product, the industry must also be responsible for how the consumer will use the product and how it will be returned to the environment. The industry plays a very important role in strategies to maximize the usefulness of the product for the consumer. Having a product with good durability will bring customer satisfaction and considerably reduce the amount of waste generatedin addition to having the concern to manufacture products with materials that are easily recycled.

To facilitate these challenges, there are currently platforms that assist in waste management, helping to standardize reports and share information, facilitating the creation of metrics for continuous improvement.

Sharing the reports with the company’s employees and involving the entire team is a fundamental strategy, creating everyone’s awareness, through events and programs that encourage employee interaction, engaging the entire company in metrics and objectives, facilitating the creation of new ideas.

Finally, these actions can bring together the industry economy with transport and destination, efficiency and product quality, visibility of society and other companies and most importantly, collaborate with the environment with less emissions and conservation of resources.

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