The term “sustainable design” has been used in multiple disciplines, including but not limited to architecture design, interior design, masterplanning and MEP design. The sustainable design process refers to one that integrates an environmentally friendly approach to design and construction with consideration to natural resources.

As designers, builders and managers, we have to understand our critical role in the sustainable world. One of the designers’ roles is to solve problems and provide innovative solutions through products or services. Considering the critical problems that face our planet due to the irresponsible consumption of natural resources, designers play an important role in providing solutions to this problem and replacing obsolete products with innovative and sustainable ones that can ensure lower consumption of resources and less waste.

Sustainable design is a process rather than just an end product or a label. It starts from employing strategic sustainable design targets from project commencement, to working interactively and integrative with all team players to design with environmental conditions in place.

Climatize’s sustainable design model is set as 17 goals from the UN SDG using 8 themes that need to be assessed and accounted for, these are: Site Planning, Community + Economics, Public Realm, Wellness, Materials + Waste, Indoor Quality, Energy and Water. These 8 themes consider 6 critical attributes: Form, Function + Quality, Cost Effective Solutions, Renewable + Clean Energy, Materials + Life Cycle Assessment, and Durable + Adaptive Design Solutions that factor out 4 major components (Environment, Social, Economic, and Cultural) that serve as the pillars of sustainability and in combination ultimately leads to 1 result – Sustainable developments + Operations.

This result is Climatize’s end goal and our core mission.

Sustainability Model

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