Climatize is a comprehensive service provider for all entities within the Construction industry. Our aim is to facilitate design and construction projects by providing the tools to build with minimal ecological impact.

Climatize will assist your company by implementing and refining existing processes and introducing new technologies that will achieve the optimal results both commercially and ultimately, for our earth.

Climatize is the ecological leader in the region’s quest for sustainability. We are at the forefront of sustainable developments and the Climatize team assigned to your project has your company’s reputation and profitability as their agenda while providing economical and professional solutions, tailored towards you or your client and their project requirements; all the while ensuring that the end result goes hand in hand with those of the environment.

The Climatize team has implemented environmental and sustainable design and construction solutions on numerous projects ranging from large complex developments, masterplans and infrastructure to commercial and residential developments of all sizes and scales.

We are therefore familiar with the processes and requirements to comply with all local and international standards and specifications in a time efficient, quality secure and cost effective manner.

We at Climatize hereby, confirm our commitment and dedication to you and the environment.


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Dubai – United Arab Emirates
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